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Same Day Booking

No need to book in advance! We take the hassle out of planning and allow you to book on the same day.


SAVE 20%-40%

We partner with spas to offer you great discounts on last-minute appointment times.


Guaranteed Quality

If you're ever dissatisfied with your experience, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

What's not to love? Luxury massage. Last minute. At an affordable price.

John B.

I got a Swedish massage and loved it! The ambiance of the spa was very peaceful and the massage itself was amazing.

Lori D.

I got a fantastic massage at a fraction of the price last weekend. I would definitely book again.

Andrea S.

A small sample of spas in our network

  • Spa4



    San Francisco

  • Spa7



    San Francisco

  • Spa1

    Qua Spa


    San Francisco

  • Spa13

    Marilyn Monroe Spa

    Times Square

    New York

  • Spa10



    San Francisco

  • Spa3

    Pure Organic Spa

    Union Square

    San Francisco

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I like the whole idea around MassageNow. I’m all about treating yourself to wellness services, and massages have a major health benefit, especially when it comes to loosening up your muscles. I’m also all about saving money and getting things for a deal. So if you’re going get a massage, why not try for a major discount at one of the nicer places around town and book it day-of through a service like this?

Ashley Pitt

A Lady Goes West

Need a massage and need one fast? Get a full star-quality rubdown (60 mins) at one of the city's finest spas, in a few hours notice, and receive up to 40% off.

Time Out New York

Time Out New York

Nowadays you can get a lot of things done on demand with a mobile app. You can get a ride on demand, you can get groceries on demand… you can even get your laundry done on demand through an app. So why not book a same-day massage on-demand? A new app smartly called “MassageNow” was designed just for that purpose.

Ryan Lawler


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